MOOC-based MicroMaster Programme
for developers

This MOOC-based MicroMaster programme is based on micro-credentials and case study education and is designed to enrich the knowledge and technical skills of the energy experts and help them understand the needs and challenges of the financial sector. 

The ultimate goal is to provide to these students and professionals with the required skillset and competences to play a key role in offering end users the latest technologies for improving resource and energy efficiency in buildings. Upskilling will be beneficial and necessary to support the interaction between a financial sector and industries engaged in the development of energy efficiency projects.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (companies) and civil society organisations will work as collaborators, consult on specific needs, and raise awareness on societal issues.  

Learning objectives
The MicroMaster programme designed for experts in the financial sector will provide:
  • 30 ECTS
  • EQF 6-7
  • 10 MCs
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Digital tools and apps
Who is it for?
  • Students with an academic background in renewable energy, building sector, engineering.
  • Renewable energy consultants/specialists.
  • Energy engineers.
  • Environmental engineers/advisors.
  • Developers of energy efficiency investments (e.g., ESCOs, engineering companies, etc.).
  • Specialists in deep building renovation.
  • Experts in advanced technological solutions.
  • Building Information Modelling managers.
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