About us
We address the skills gap in energy efficiency
Our mission
Equipping professionals from both building energy retrofitting and financial sectors with green and digital skills crucial for success in the energy efficiency investment sector.
The challenge
In the energy and financial sector, a great knowledge and skills mismatch persists between financial operators and project developers since financers lack relevant skills in energy efficiency fundamentals, whereas developers lack financial knowledge.
The Energy Efficiency Directive and the global goals
Buildings in the EU are the largest energy consumers, responsible for 40% of total energy usage and 35% of related greenhouse gas emissions. The EU aims for decarbonization in the building sector by 2050 due to the aging infrastructure; 35% of buildings are over 50 years old, and 75% lack energy efficiency. Currently, only 1% of buildings undergo renovation yearly.

To boost renovations, the Energy Efficiency Directive mandates that 3% of government-owned building areas undergo energy-efficient renovations. Encouraging the purchase of energy-efficient buildings by national governments has positive economic impacts, creating 18 million jobs. Energy efficiency measures in buildings offer benefits in energy, environment, and economy, making them a "win-win" strategy.

Our solution

SHERLOCK aims to align the identified skills mismatch in the field of energy efficiency evaluation by designing, creating, and piloting a micro-programme based on micro-credentials.

The general objective of SHERLOCK is to develop a set of green and digital skills for financial institutions and technical companies engaged in energy efficiency investments.
Create the Pan-European Knowledge Centre
Build a lasting alliance for education & training between universities, businesses, and other stakeholders by creating a pan-European Knowledge Centre.
Enhance professionals' skills
Enhance professionals' skills and public awareness in building energy transition, aligning with European Green Deal goals.
Promote a multidisciplinary approach
Promote a multidisciplinary approach for building energy transition on a European scale


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