Become part of our community

Become part of our community

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Pan-European Knowledge Centre has emerged as a transformative force, comprising 16 leading institutions and 7 national knowledge centres across Europe. This collaborative effort, spearheaded by universities, training, and research institutions, is reshaping the landscape of education and research in the realm of building energy renovation.

Setting new benchmarks

Dedicated to excellence in building energy renovation, the Pan-European Knowledge Centre is committed to establishing new standards. This dedication showcases both academic excellence and a strong integration of industry support. Through strategic partnerships, our educational initiatives are not only academically sound but also deeply grounded in practical, real-world applications.

Collaborative model and educational programmes

The Knowledge Centre embraces collaboration, creating an environment where stakeholders actively participate in co-creating educational programs. This ensures that initiatives reflect the latest advancements and meet globally recognized standards. Our educational programs aim to equip engineering professionals with finance skills and finance professionals with technical expertise in building renovation.

Revolutionising building energy renovation practices

The Pan-European Knowledge Centre is dedicated to shaping and redefining best practices in building energy renovation. This effort unites universities, research centers, policymakers, civil society, and industry partners to create a dynamic ecosystem promoting innovation, sustainability, and a harmonious synergy between academic knowledge and industry needs.

Become a member

Today, we are launching SHERLOCK Pan-European Knowledge Centre! We invite you to join us and become a member, a change-maker, and a supporter of qualified professionals operating in energy building renovation. Together, we can contribute to a greener Europe by actively participating in this transformative journey. Interested? Fill in the form!

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