It was a great start to this autumn. The initial project meeting for SHERLOCK took place in September in the beautiful Italian city of Genova.  

All member representatives of the project Consortium gathered for the first time to prepare for the new SHERLOCK adventure, bringing enthusiasm and expertise.  The meeting was organised by the project coordinator, UNIGE - Universita degli Studi di Genova.  

Throughout the two-day meeting, the entire consortium discussed the project work plan and attained a mutual understanding of expected outcomes.

Our project's objective

SHERLOCK (Supporting the energy transition of the building stock) is a 36-month project co-funded by the European Erasmus + programme with a budget of nearly 1.5 million EUR, gathering 17 partners across Europe.  

Its main objective is to drive energy efficiency in the European building sector, addressing barriers to energy efficiency measures by providing professionals in financial institutions and technical companies with green and digital skills.  

What comes next?

In these initial months of the project, partners will be diving into groundwork: establishing the foundation for the Pan-European Knowledge Centre, pinpointing crucial local stakeholders, analysing European and national energy efficiency frameworks, creating learning units, and outlining potential learning outcomes.  

Keen to explore more about SHERLOCK? Dive into our press release!    

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